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again. america wonders why it is that in this town for some reason, you cannot get stuff done in an organized time table. like everything always have to wait until the last minute. we are now at the last minute. the american people will not have patience for a politically self-inflicted wound to our economy. >> down to the wire. the last-ditch effort to avoid the physical plant is under way in washington. good evening. -- to avoid the fiscal flifcliff is underway in washington. good evening. first, the third time is the term. a storm turning tonight into a snowy and slushy saturday night. let's check with our meteorologist. >> after seeing the latest computer model, my thinking has not changed much forecast wise. this will not be a blockbuster
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storm. respectable in some areas. snow stuck between 3:00 and 6:00 in the morning. it will end during the mid to late afternoon hours. it will probably mixed with rain south and east of the i-95 corp. anywhere from 1 inch in southern suburbs to 3 0r 4 inches in areas like carroll county. i will break that down when i come back in a few minutes. even a couple inches of snow will cost -- cause a little bit of problem on the streets. >> the home depot behind me has been pretty busy with multiple storm, green tomorrows impending storm. traffic is busy these days at home improvement stores. shoppers want to prepare for another winter punch. >> another store? i have to work tomorrow. >> if this first round is already wearing out its welcome.
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>> it gets a little old. >> would try to stay off the roads. >> marylanders are shelling out cah -- cash for supplies. it is time to stock up for winter weather staples. >> people, in, anticipating what will happen tomorrow. we are getting people picking up salt and shovels. >> crews are trying to stay one step ahead of mother nature. road crews are gearing up for another visit. crews spent the day pre-treating roads to keep them ice free. state highway officials say they have up to 2400 trucks a wide but ask motorists to keep a few things in mind. >> if you plan on traveling saturday, which until after the storm begins. give our crews a chance to get out on the road. >> officials say they are also on standby. >> we will activate our storm
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center at 2:00 a.m. saturday morning. we are prepared and our staff is prepared and our equipment is ready to go. >> should you decide to travel during tomorrow's winter storm, and drive with caution. bridges, overpasses, off ramps are areas that tend to freeze first. >> thank you. in washington tonight, a frank in clearly frustrated president obama said he was fed up with the fiscal cliff stalemate. he met with congressional leaders at the white house and announced there is working behind-the-scenes and a bipartisan deal then issued an ultimatum. >> the president spoke after what was viewed as a make or break meeting. saying that the hour for immediate action here is now. >> a high-stakes meeting at the white house. the president sat down with house speaker john boehner and
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other congressional leaders in hopes of cutting a last-minute deal. >> we have a constructive meeting today. . reid and senator mcconnell are discussing a potential agreement were making get a bipartisan bill out of the senate, into the house, at a timely fashion so we can meet the december 31 deadline. >> we will be working hard to see if we can get there in the next 24 hours. i'm optimistic. >> senate leaders are hoping to come back with a proposal as early as sunday. >> whatever become up with, it will be imperfect. some people will not like it, some will like it less but that is where we are. >> the president says if an agreement is not reached by the deadline, he will urge the senate -- senate majority leader to hold a vote on a basic patches -- a thick package that makes sure taxes do not increase on middle income and lower income americans. >> the house will hold a rare sunday session this weekend.
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votes are scheduled for early evening. speaker boehner is not expected to put anything on the floor for a vote unless he is sure it can pass. this sunday, president obama will be david gregory's interview -- guest on meet the press. that port strike is averted for now. the longshoremen union has expired -- extended their expiring contract by 30 days. it puts off a strike by more the 14,000 longshoremen at 50 ports across the country, including here in baltimore. a strike with the crippled operations at ports. it's reported major steps have been taken towards resolving this ongoing dispute. an abrupt end to the career of one long term maryland civil- rights leader. carl snowden will retire january 8. the office of the announcement earlier today. the decision comes amid legal
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problems. he was convicted last month of marijuana possession and has a court date for violating his probation in a drunk driving case. tonight was a reversal of fortune for morgan state university's president. the board of regents voted to renew his contract, weeks after voting not to. >> president wilson was diplomatic when i inquired about what led up to this controversy and why it suddenly ended in his favor, instead of pointing the finger at his critics, he took the high road. surely after the vote, dr. david wilson told us he is honored more as the university's board of regents minya their confidence in him and by extending his contract to june 2014. the decision comes a few weeks after the board decided to oust him as the president. >> a situation he blames himself for. >> the bucket stopped in the
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president's office. whatever transpired here, i will be the first one to raise my hand and say i don't it. >> he promises to improve relations and communications between his office and board members. >> i will make sure the board is involved in the decisions we make. >> when the board voted to not renew his contract earlier this month, many on campus and in the committee stage rallies to show support. >> faculty have never been more inspired, motivated, and filled with hope. >> many supporters packed the board of regents meeting friday which was closed to cameras. >> this is one of those things where it is not been explained. people are not telling us what happened. >> it is not clear why the board ultimately voted to keep dr. wilson but it is clear he is trying to move forward. >> i am very energized. and ready to continue to work. >> doc of wilson tells us there
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is no reason to believe recent gun violence on campus led to his initial outster. he is pledging to put new policies and the place to ensure campus improves safety. >> any twist tonight. two years to the day that phylicia barnes went missing. prosecutors have moved to play a sexually explicit video very next month's trial. defense lawyers said the video is promiscuous footage of barnres, johnson and two others. the motion asks that corp. a close when the video is played. johnson is charged with first- degree murder of the 16-year old in 2010. a man is accused of raping a 13- year-old croat the budget and on baltimore national pipe. the suspect has been identified as gary foot of new york, he as been charged wit.
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kenni shaw was brutally attacked in baltimore city of christmas day. he sat down with barry simms. my hands upolding to block my face. >> but the move did not work. this is a picture of kenni shaw after being repeatedly punched. >> i was on the ground most of the time. i could i get up. i couldn't even see. my eyes were swollen set -- shut. >> he said he just left the only stores open at the does neighborhood during the holiday. according to a police report, he just left and liquor store at the corner of east hoffman and milton. a group of five for six men surrounded him. one man hit him suddenly. >> startled, he said he wondered why he was attacked. >> i asked him what happened.
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he punched me in the face again. after that, i was on the ground. >> that he received 10 more punches to the face. he is by sure how many people were hitting him. he says he heard these words at the end of the attack -- >> at the end, they said if you had money, we would have robbed you. >> he is the good physically now but mentally, he's very scarred. that is my major concern right now. and for us to get the justice we deserve. >> weeks ago, he was taunted and now he believes he was targeted. >> i feel as if it was a hate crime. i am a homosexual. i stand out. >> i did not want my son to feel like when i get off work, i cannot go to a corner store to pick up something because i
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might get beat up. nobody should have to live in fear. >> police are investigating. they said they have some good leads in what they're calling an assault. >> two years ago, shaw was robbed at gunpoint. baltimore city police made an arrest that same day. >> thank you. next, adoption and then. americans officially cut off from russian orphans. running 90 minutes is too much for some soccer players. injure the elephants. the state that is bigger than the average height of two men. -- the snake that is bigger than average height of two men. >> we will talk more about the storm tomorrow morning.
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>> russian president signed into law banning americans from adopting russian children. according to the ap, the ban means 52 children will not remain in russia. activists denounced the move. >> it is not surprising there is
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political retribution. but what's shocking is that they are putting the well-being of children at risk for the sake of political retribution. that has to stop. >> the ban goes into effect january 1. tony is proud to be from chicago but even he may get whiplash our next trip when he sees how much it will cost car fare next year. $6.50 an hour at some downtown meteres. the most expensive parking meters in north america. $5.75 an are currently hour. what's going on there? for one arkansas family, an uninvited guest ruined their picnic.
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a snake. they crash their party in the everglades national park. it is a 17 foot burmese python. can you imagine? a park ranger kileld the s -- killed the snake. a python challenge will be occurring the next week's to control the population. think your job is boring? perhaps it would like to straddle alligators. every year, some men and women jump on top of the male alligators while others raided their nest and take the eggs. the practice kicks of reptiles from eating the eggs and they say it is too hot in a way for the aid to hatch naturally. these eggs are incubated. still not want to volunteer for that. the 2014 edition of the world cup have to contend with this
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kick in the grass. it is a legitimate game between two teams, part of the ninth international elephant estival that promotes conservation. the elephants can really hit the ball. that is a pretty good kick. before we should do this next piece of video, i have to say, it took a long time to scrape the flour off my kitchen after making cookies next week. i cannot imagine how you would clean up an entire spanish town square after a gigantic flour fight. thisns pelted people in tradition. it is not enough for you, people also their eggs in there. and firecrackers. how did they clean that up?
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>> are. to make bread eventually? eggs, flour and fire? >> all the money goes to local charity. >> but if it rains? >> then it becomes glue. this next storm coming in will not based -- some of you will get a couple inches of snow during the day tomorrow. the clouds are thickening up. still drive around baltimore. probably drive for another four or five hours. we expect the snow around 3:00 this morning, between 3:00 and 6:00. the air is pretty dry right now. the dew point will hold off the precipitation. it will also reduce evaporative cooling. the temperatures will go down close to the dew point. it is 27 right now.
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when the 20's precipitation will start. most likely as snow everywhere. especially in these northern suburbs where temperatures are already in the 20's. it will probably mixed in with a brain eventually as the storm gets going during the day. garrett is right here showing up on hd doppler. in fast-moving storm -- a fast moving storm. we always have to guess where that rain still lie will set up a that the baltimore. the best guess is the i-95 quarter. of the town is in blue will most likely be snow. south and east of baltimore will mix in with rain. probably not sleet this time with a mix of rain and snow down south. it will make a huge difference what we did with how much snow you get at your house. it the precipitations' days mostly stuff, you will get 2-4
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interest. no. carol and frederick counties. before this tapers off. the whole storm will taper off for in the mid to late afternoon hours. i-95 corridors through central baltimore, howard county, 1-3 inches. south and east of the city, a little bit of accumulation. a mix or less. it will make a dent of rain at some point you're in the storm. this is our best guess right now. tune in tomorrow morning. we will give you an update on the storm situation. temperatures drop back into the upper 20's and milk 30's. mix of rain and snow like the top. ray more like the south of baltimore. temperatures above freezing in most neighborhoods. that will help the roads a lot. this will not shut down the whole state or anything like that. chilly on sunday. another chance for a light rain or snow perhaps on the new
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year's day. >> lela tried to shut down one of the best little-known players in the country. another fine for a ravens playe. >> what's up america? december 28. tonight's jackpot is m -- estimated at $25 million. to win he must get the entire balls and the gold megaball. our first of its nine is -- 10, 41, 32, 13, 40. the megaball is 23. -- 32.
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if no one matches all six numbers,hqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhq
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mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> now, 11 sports. >> the ravens season finale on sunday hit the back burner. they are not doing it kindly. reid did not speak to the media today in regard to being fined $55,000. a play in which he led with his shoulder. raised the face mack of cruz. he is stacked with that fine and an assault on his reputation as a player. very good question. obviously the system is not perfect. although the motivation is correct. the idea is right. stilly work in progress. our guys are doing everything
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they can. i am really proud of the way they responded. sometimes it is easier said than done but they are doing their best. >> michael or found himself getting grinched. a $10,000 fine. he is really not to blame. the play he made is what he was told to do. but when a teammate also engaged, it then became a penalty. why he was fined makes no s ense. great match of to and baltimore. loyola hosting bucknell. first half. the rim agreed. nice touch there. bucknell had a weapon for which
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loyola had no answer -- mike mescala. great footwork and the handle. spinning back. 29 points. second half. leila makes a bit of a move. then more loyola. bucknell withstood the best loyola had to offer. an impressive win at loyola. 66-46. the harry potter bowl against the magic. second quarter. magic defense disappeared. jordan crawford. washington -- the 17 footer.
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washington a winner for the fourth time this season. 105-97. the independence bowl in la. if you ever wonder where the former nebraska coach disappeared to -- a little play action. the the the arms. look a bat. -- look at the arms. look at that. 45-14.
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>> tonight was good riddance day. the day to take your worst memories of 2012 and smashed them to smithereens. or run them through a paper shredder. in times square is, people lined up to publicly wiping the slate clean. they tossed out everything from pink slips to memories of that break up. i liked it. out with the old, in with the new. new tradition here. speaking of good riddance, the polish pontiff almost none words is out. coming at the doug no. 5 --
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twitterverse. four, just saying folowed by you know. the next is like. topping the list -- whatever. the most annoying were for the fourth year in a row. all of those words, a band. >> if you have teenagers, you know. >> more looked at the snow forecast. starting sometime after midnight. light snow flurries. 1-4 inches. most of you will be closer to 10r 2. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- megan fox, heisman trophy winner johnny manziel,

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